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Yoga for Anxiety – 5 Poses to Help You Feel Much Better

Yoga for anxiety

While yoga does wonders for your physical health by developing and toning your muscles and helping you lose weight, it also can be great for improving your mental health. Many people make yoga a daily practice to help manage stress and alleviate anxiety, especially if there are various challenges they have to deal with. Therefore, this article discusses yoga for anxiety, offering different poses you can use to help manage it while also explaining why yoga works. So, let’s get into it in greater detail. 

5 Yoga Poses for Anxiety

While we mention x number of poses, you can only practice one or two a day and still feel a noticeable effect on your anxiety levels. If you’re experienced at yoga, you can consider incorporating more poses along your journey. In addition to that, you also only need to spend a few minutes to begin experiencing the benefits of this ancient practice.

  1. Tree Pose – Vrikshasana

    Vrikshasana, also known as the tree pose, is a standing yoga pose. This position helps work the muscles in your back, abdomen, and legs. In addition to that, it helps you focus on your thoughts as you try to stay balanced in this position.

    You can perform the vrikshasana pose by standing on foot, placing your other foot on the side of your other thigh, and raising your hands over your head. Touch your palms together and focus on staying in this position for as long as you can. It’s also best to change the leg you’re standing on to equally work different parts of your body.

  2. Standing Forward Bend Pose – Uttanasana 

    What’s great about the Uttanasana pose is that it’s simple, and most beginners can do it with ease. Thus, it’s a straightforward yet effective way to make the most of yoga for anxiety. This is because it doesn’t require you to balance the rest of your body. The standing forward bend is yet another standing pose and it also helps to build your back (good for your spine) and leg muscles. It’s also an excellent method to relax your body and release tension as you stretch your body. 

    You can perform the Uttanasana pose by keeping your feet to the ground, bending forward, and touching the floor (or your feet) to the ground. It’s best not to lock your knees when you hold this position. 

  3. Triangle Pose – Trikonasana

    The Trikonasana pose is a simple standing pose that can help release tension in your back and neck. It also works the muscles in your shoulders, back, and legs. 

    You can perform this pose by standing with your feet a little more than your hips’ width apart. Your left leg foot should be angled while your other foot faces forward. Next, extend your arms, and bend at your hip joint to allow your left palm to touch the floor or your foot. Your other arm should face the ceiling. Repeat this pose by switching the side you bend.

  4. Extended Puppy Pose – Uttana Shishosana

    If you’ve ever seen a puppy or cat stretch, you’ll know what the uttana shishosana pose is like. This pose helps stretch the parts of your body responsible for your posture, and it opens up your chest. Therefore, by lengthening the spine and opening your heart, it can relieve tension in your body. 

    To do the extended puppy pose, you must first get into a tabletop position. Next, let your buttocks touch your heels as you sink your arms downward. Your forehead should be able to rest on the floor if you extend fully. This pose is an excellent example of how yoga for anxiety is brilliant because you’ll truly feel your chest opening up as you hold the position.

  5. Seated Forward Bend Pose – Paschimottanasana 

    If you want to start doing yoga for anxiety, the paschimottanasana pose is an easy way to get into the process. It does a fantastic job at helping you calm your mind, which in turn helps with managing your anxiety. This pose provides an excellent opportunity to address racing thoughts and focus on staying calm and focused on the meditative process of the pose. It’s also worth mentioning that this pose helps with your pelvic muscles, glutes, and back muscles. 

    You can start this pose by sitting straight on your yoga mat with your legs straight in front of you. That said, make sure that your knees are not locked. Next, take a deep breath and extend your arms above your head. After that, allow your hands to come forward with your arms still extended so that you can hold your feet with your palms. You will need to slightly bend your back to do this.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Daily Yoga

While there’s no doubt that many people have great results when using yoga for anxiety, you can improve the overall effectiveness by being mindful of your feelings, both emotional and physical. 

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