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Intuitive guidance

You are probably aware of the feeling when you sense something is off. Your mind tells you that something is not right; this is your intuition. It is a subtle and quiet voice in your head. However, it can actually change your life when you truly listen deeply to it. 

We are all equipped with an intuition that is trustworthy and tuned with our inner path. Letting it control the steering wheel of our life can truly help you live a fearless and comfortable life that is tuned to our true path.

But how to awaken your intuition and take guidance from it?

Luckily, the answer to this is quite simple. There are many ways to charge your intuitive guidance and let that inner voice take control. This thorough guide details each of these. 

What is Intuition?

Before we highlight the different ways you can receive intuitive guidance, let’s take a deeper look into what it exactly is. We know that it is the tiny inner voice in our head that tells us when something is off or needs our attention. However, it is much more than that.  

Scientifically, it is considered a psychological process driven by our past experiences and cues taken from the self and our environment that help us make better decisions. However, these decisions don’t exist in our conscious mind since they happen so quickly. Intuition itself does not exist in our conscious mind.

Intuition exists in our subconscious system, where it controls our effortless and instinctual movements, thoughts, and feelings. A good example of intuition is when you feel like something is wrong with your child or someone you know well. It could also be a feeling that an event is about to happen, such as a specific person is about to call you.

Intuition exists in everyone. However, not many people are consciously or fully aware of it. The more we learn about it, the more we can let it shape our lives. This can be done by practicing a few things. We can make better decisions and live a more fulfilling and wholesome life when we follow our intuitive guidance. 

How to Receive Intuitive Guidance 

When you let go of all the doubts in your mind, you can find yourself on the path towards intuitive guidance. However, it is not merely just a task of letting go. You have to feed it, give it the attention it deserves, and let it flourish.

Here are some ways how to awaken your intuition and let it take control of your life in a positive manner:

  1. Listen to It
    This might sound quite simple, but it is actually very important. You can let intuition in only if you open your mind and listen to it. It won’t be able to talk to you if you are not listening.

    Therefore, whenever you have a new experience, simply take the time out to listen to what your gut feeling and inner voice are telling you. 

  2. Trust Your Gut Feeling
    Gut feeling is a very real and common thing. When we have to make a crucial decision, we often have this strange feeling in our gut. We should not ignore it because our gut is often considered our second brain.

    Our gut is lined with hundreds of neurons. This is why our feelings and emotions also have a presence there. Sometimes, it can be worthwhile to trust the feeling that our gut is trying to communicate with us. 

  3. Feel the Intuition
    You can also feel the intuition if you consciously open yourself up to it. You can feel it in your gut and through the goosebumps on your skin. This feeling is often very subtle, which is why it is hard to experience it.
    However, regardless, you will have a feeling that something is right or wrong, and then slowly, it will start to appear clearer.

  4. Be Deliberate about the People You Hold Onto
    People who drain you or don’t enrich your life may be filling it with more noise. This noise can make it difficult for you to recognize your intuition and trust it. Hence, it might be time to let these people go. In some cases, you might already know who these people are.

    If not, take some time to think deeply about the people in your life and contemplate who you need to let go of.

  5. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings
    As mentioned earlier, intuition creates a feeling or decision within you by taking cues from the environment. This is why you need to be fully aware of your surroundings at all times. The more information your subconscious mind has about your surroundings, the better and more accurate your intuition will be. 

  6. Connect with People
    Sometimes, we can sense when someone is distant, upset, or is just not acting the same way anymore. This is when we need to rely on our intuition. However, to ensure our intuition about people is accurate, we should spend plentiful time connecting with them. This will allow us to understand their speech, voice, and body language.

    All of this can then, later on, feed into our intuition and help us make more accurate and better decisions and actions.

  7. Take Time Out for Solitude and Contemplation
    Besides connecting with our surroundings and people in the environment, we must also take out the time to connect with ourselves. This is where solitude and contemplation can be quite useful. Doing so allows us to tune out the world and tune in our intuition.

    Let your mind wander and allow it to open itself to various thoughts, emotions, and feelings.
  8. Meditate
    One of the ways you can take out time for solitude and contemplation is through meditation. It allows you to be more mindful of your thoughts and emotions while giving you the chance to connect with your body.

    Hence, you should take time to seek out this solitude and contemplation through meditation during the day.

  9. Pay Attention to Your Dreams
    Our dreams are the windows to the subconscious part of our brain. This is why it is imperative that we pay attention to what they are showing us. Dreams are often rich with valuable data like memories and experiences, some of which we have already forgotten about.

    The best way to do this is to think about a problem and consider possible solutions to it. When you close your eyes, your brain will do the rest.

  10. Test Your Hunches
    Do you have a sense or feeling about something? If you do, it is best to write these hunches down and test them to see if they will happen in the future. For example, if you get the feeling that someone you have met is bad news, write it down and see if it is actually true. This will tell you how accurate your intuition is and how often it is right.

  11. Spend Time in Nature
    For thousands of years, humans had relied on their intuition when they lived out in the wild. This is what determined their survival in such a mind. Hence, one of the best ways to receive intuitive guidance and open up your mind is through spending time with nature.

    Every now and then, you should take the time out to get away from technology and be one with nature. Here, you can hike, explore, or simply meditate. Then, watch as your intuition opens up to become better and more accurate.

  12. Learn from the Past
    Similar to our surroundings, our past is one of the cues that help our intuition perform better. This is why you should pay attention to your past experiences. Thinking about them will also help you understand and realize instances of what your intuition was telling you before these experiences happened. 

  13. Let Go of Your Resistance
    Ultimately, you need to let go of all the resistance and doubts you might be having in your mind. This will allow you to open the gates of intuition. Don’t call yourself crazy when your intuition communicates a hunch to you. By doing this, you may be closing the gates of intuitive guidance.

  14. Consult Your Body Compass
    Pay attention to the bodily cues you experience from something. If you get a strange or sick feeling in your stomach, pay attention to it. It might be your intuition telling you something. 

  15. Feel More, Think Less The mind thinks excessively by constantly churning out thoughts. However, your intuition feels. If you cannot figure out whether you trust your mind or intuition, you must understand first whether you are thinking or feeling. 

Final Words

By following all of these techniques, you will find yourself on the path towards intuitive guidance. When you let go of your thoughts and let your feelings take control, you essentially trust your intuition.

However, it must be noted that while intuition is amazing, it should never be followed blindly. You must still use your common sense and rationality.

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