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Thursday Night BrightLife Yoga Class Review

Thursday Night BrightLife Yoga Class Review

Eric’s BrightLife yoga class yesterday at Yoga Pura was on another level.

First off, it felt like a family reunion of sorts as I reconnected with several people who I used to practice with over 10 years ago and some even longer than that.

As we focused on non-harmful intentions, I noticed how much harm the belt buckles hitting the floor were causing so I took measures to fix this; looping mine so it didn’t make any noise.

Another interesting thing about this particular class was the breathing…several times during practice all you could hear were deep breaths echoing throughout the room.

If anyone ever wants to know what true beauty sounds like in person—I recommend being around a group fully engaged in a yoga practice because there are few things that feel more powerful than shared energy connected with the breath.

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