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The Smoldering White Heat Of The Practice

The Smoldering White Heat Of The Practice

Last night I was exhausted and couldn’t breathe through my nose. A part of me was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to breathe through my nose this morning. Also, I cut short my evening practice but still got in my 35-minute meditation, which is the most crucial part of my evening practice.

When I got up around 4, it was a challenge to breathe through my nose; however, within a few minutes, I was breathing freely through my nose.

Everything besides Meditation and Shavasana was done with the box breathing to the beat of the metronome.

During the half sun salutation practice, it felt like it was burning memories and thoughts from the inside out with the box breathing. Before when memories and thoughts would rise into my awareness, it felt like the peeling of layers.

However, this morning, when I held onto a memory or thought, it would crumble as if only the face of it had not been burned by the smoldering white heat of the practice.

During Shavasana, my breathing was smooth and light. I could tap into the bliss body, but it feels different now, much more subtle, and only really shines on body parts that already have sensation.

A part of me wonders whether the body parts that have sensation are stronger than the other parts, even though I’m holding on to the belief that sensation equals discomfort.

I intend on exploring and playing with that thought later today in my practice.

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