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The More Time That We Spend With God – The More Our Lives Will Improve

The more time that we spend with God, the more our lives will improve. 

One of my favorite quotes says…

“If we spend enough time with God, He’ll either make us strong enough that problems won’t bother us, or He’ll show us what to do about them.” ~ Joyce Meyer

God loves you, so He wants to give you a strong and healthy body. He wants to give you a more beautiful and well-rounded personality. He wants to make you happy and fulfilled in every aspect of your life. He wants to help you develop into a better person than before you knew He is with you always.

You can gain from spending time with God. In fact, you will feel a lot more contented and fulfilled when you spend a few minutes a day with God.

Spending time with God will help you improve yourself. We all need to grow up into better people to live the Godly life that God has designed for us. When we spend enough time with God, we will experience even more of God’s presence in our lives.

The more you pray, the more time you spend in the silence, listening for God. The more you will start seeing God in the simplest things in your life.

Truth be told, we need to spend time alone with God, because this alone will help us develop a stronger relationship with Him.

If we spend enough time with God, we will learn how to be humble and obedient to God’s will. 

The more time we spend in prayer and meditation, the more God will shine brightly in our lives. We will realize and receive more of God’s blessings if we continue to spend time with God.

God will show us the way to walk the path to abundant blessings and grace. He will show us how to live in harmony with His Word. He will give us guidance and encouragement.

By spending time with God, we can learn how to love more, and we can develop our character in all areas of our lives.

We can get stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled if we spend enough time with God. It will not only help us grow spiritually, but it will bring joy to our hearts.

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