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The Illusion of Time and The Lies I Tell Myself

The Illusion of Time and The Lies I Tell Myself

I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm was going to go off. I was thinking of getting up but somehow managed to fall back asleep.

Getting up to the alarm after 10 minutes of sleep is much more complicated than waking up 10 minutes before the alarm goes off and just getting up.

Now that I have an alarm clock that I can read, it’s pretty mind-boggling how rested I feel after a cycle of sleep. I woke up about every 75 to 90 minutes again last night.

Each time I awoke, I felt well-rested. Only the illusion of time caused me to go back to sleep.

The 1 o’clock hour is on my never-satisfied mind’s radar.

Speaking of the mind, since my energy surge, I’ve been resisting the bliss state in the Float. Instead, I’m leaning on the safety of the Counted Breath and Body Point Awareness techniques.

As I was sharing my struggle yesterday, it was kind of funny because I realized that I am trying to “protect myself” from the energy surges with something that will do absolutely nothing to stop the energy surges.

More than that, I’m holding on to another limiting belief that it’s somehow better to have an energy surge with the counted breath and body points than it is with the bliss body.

The lies I tell myself.

In regards to my morning practice, my breathing is continuing to get better and better. And using the metronome is giving me actual proof that it’s getting better. A week ago, breathing to 5 beats in and 5 beats out was close to my edge.

This morning I was easily doing 7 in and 7 out for a large part of the practice. Still at 5 and 5 with the half sun salutations mainly because the habit groove is pretty ingrained at 5 and 5 for that one.

Tomorrow I might try and bump it up to 6 and 6. One of the challenges is that my nose still gets clogged up on the standing forward fold portion of the Half Sun Salutations, making it challenging to breathe through my mouth for 6.

That’s just an excuse; tomorrow, I intend on doing 6 and 6 with the Half Sun Salutations

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