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The Devil Tarot Card Guided Meditation (8:30)

The Devil Guided Meditation (8:30)

The Devil Tarot card often symbolizes our shadow side, representing bondage, materialism, ignorance, or being chained by the illusions of the physical world, which hinders our emotional and spiritual growth. Meditating on this card can provide profound insights into our lives, revealing areas where we may feel stuck or trapped by our own actions or belief systems.

Questions for Reflections

  • What are my current attachments or addictions (substances, emotions, thoughts) that are hindering my growth?
  • In what ways am I giving my power away to external circumstances or people?
  • Where do I feel trapped or limited in my life, and what role do I play in maintaining these boundaries?
  • How do my fears influence my decisions, and how can I confront them?
  • What negative patterns keep repeating in my life, and what lessons have I not yet learned from them?
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