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Moving Beyond My Comfort Zone

Morning Routine for September 14, 2021

  • 5 min sacral clock
  • 5 min shoulder opener
  • 10 min quad stretch
  • 15 min half sun yoga with metronome
  • 35 min meditation

When I woke up, a part of me didn’t want to do the half sun yoga.

Initially, I had let go of doing it since I couldn’t breathe through my nose, and that’s the central part of the practice.

However, as I was doing the quad stretch, there was a substantial shift in my energy and breathability, so I decided to do the half sun yoga salutation practice.

Then in meditation, as I felt the vibrant healing energy flowing through my shoulders, I was pleased with myself and my decisions. I can remember when I decided to do this practice, and the 15 min of relatively passive yoga was a struggle.

My hips were tight and hurt; every pose was a struggle; the whole practice was just beyond my edge. Now I’m at a point where the 15 min morning yoga class is in my comfort zone, and the Half Sun Yoga is at my edge.

Tomorrow I intend on setting my alarm clock 10 min early so I can get in a 20 min half sun practice rather than 15 min.

It’s my compromise for now as the 30 min half sun salutation practice is far off on the horizon regarding my edge, whereas 20 min is just beyond the edge, but if I stretch my reality just a bit, I can make it.

And so it is.

Yogi Big Love

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