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Morning Yoga and Meditation Practice – Wednesday 9-15-21

Ok. So I slept from 9:15 pm to midnight, midnight to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and then got up at 3:15 am.

I was tired from a night full of mini naps.
I was excited because I got to do an extended morning yoga and meditation routine.
And nervous as to what will happen throughout the day since I’m up an hour earlier than usual.

But, it’s only through experience that we learn, so we shall see.

Morning Yoga Practice

5-minute sacral clock
5-minute shoulder opener

Like the subtle warm-up that these poses give me. Still struggling to breathe through my nose, which might end up being the biggest challenge to my 30-minute half sun salutation practice with the metronome. But I still have 25 minutes’ worth of practice to go, so we shall see.

10-minute quad stretch
15-minute practice to start your day with Narween Otto

Slowly but surely, the quad stretch is shifting from a practice that I dread to something that feels good. And part of the reason I desire to bump up my morning practice is because of the shift that I have made regarding the quad stretch.

Of course, the 15-minute yoga practice is what I had to sacrifice to do the Sun Salutations, and I love this practice so much that it heavily influenced my decision to get up early rather than lay in bed with my eyes closed.

30-minute Half Sun Salutations with Metronome
35-minute Meditation

I am so proud of myself; I made it happen, I did it.

Now the question is

Can I consistently do it?

I am not going to hold on to that intention too tightly just yet. I want to see what my day looks and feels like when I wake up at 3 am rather than 4 am. Sleep is important, but if all I am doing is taking lots of naps at night, I sense I am better off getting up at 3 am and doing an extended practice.

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