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Morning Yoga and Meditation Practice – Thursday 9-16-21

Morning Yoga and Meditation Practice

  • 5-minute sacral clock
  • 5-minute shoulder opener
  • 10-minute quad stretch
  • 20-minute half sun salutation with the metronome
  • 35-minute meditation

This is my new regular morning routine.

And if I wake up early enough, I can add to the half sun salutations and/or add on the 15-minute morning yoga routine as well. As I write this, I realize I can wake up early and enjoy the moments after practice rather than rushing into my day.

Treat it like a 15-minute weekend—exciting thought on my part rather than doing more simply allowing myself to BE.

Or I can do what I usually do and lay in bed with my eyes closed.

That’s a sneaky bad habit for me.

The more I lay in bed with my eyes closed, the longer I lay in bed, making it more likely to fall asleep. Then I have to expend way more energy to wake up than if I had just gotten up in the first place.

The Silent Snooze.

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