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Life is Better with an Open Heart

Life is Better with an Open Heart

This weekend, thanks to a trip to Discount Tires, I’ve been experimenting with making a conscious effort to live with an open heart.
And for me, that means bringing awareness to my chest and noticing if I am holding tension in that area.
If I am holding tension or notice any tightness, that’s when I allow myself to relax and let go of the stress.

So far, the results have been rather interesting…

The most significant ah-ha moment came from noticing how often I close my heart while driving.
It was also interesting to notice how much calm and peace I could experience simply by allowing my heart to remain open and relaxed while driving.
And while I recognize that remaining present to what is in this moment is where peace and joy reside.
I can’t help but get excited knowing I will have an opportunity to practice living with an open heart when driving to and from work.

Life is Better with an Open Heart

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