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Kimberly Nelson is on a Mission to Spread The Sound of Healing

As the world continues to evolve, so do our approaches to healthcare. From pills to exercise, and now to holistic healing methods like meditation, reiki, and hypnotherapy. These alternative approaches are slowly gaining traction as a way to manage mental and emotional health. Enter Kimberly Nelson of Heightend Self, a certified hypnotherapist who has dedicated her practice to helping individuals tap into their higher selves.

Kimberly currently hosts sound baths and group hypnotherapy/meditation events that incorporate different instruments into guided imagery to build connections between the ego self and higher self. Her focus is to provide holistic healing services like sound baths, group reiki, group hypnotherapy, yoga, and other healing modalities. She is building relationships with rehabs and healthcare facilities, currently working with two rehab facilities, and has been providing services for almost two years.

“I’m a certified hypnotherapist through Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts, and I pursue ongoing study at SWIHA. I also hire graduates of SWIHA to subcontract to work at other rehabs and behavioral health facilities in various healing modalities,” Kimberly explains.

Kimberly’s journey into holistic healing began about two years ago, when she started facilitating group sessions. She says she found that these events not only help to heal others, but also help to heal her in the process of facilitating. “It’s a give/receive relationship that feels so natural. I love helping to introduce different healing methods into peoples’ lives that may not have ever had the opportunity to experience it, maybe due to financial reasons or life experiences.”

Kimberly believes that everyone should have access to these alternative healing methods. And through her practice, she has been able to provide these services to individuals who may not have been able to afford them. She has seen the benefits firsthand in individuals she has worked with, saying, “When I see the change in people and how much they’re impacted in a positive way, that’s what keeps me going.”

As she continues to expand her reach and add more healthcare accounts to her business, Kimberly plans to keep helping people connect with their higher selves through holistic healing methods. She believes that by incorporating these practices into everyday life, individuals can learn to cope with their challenges better and live their best lives.

In a world that is becoming increasingly fast-paced and stress-filled, the importance of taking time to disconnect from the world and connect with oneself cannot be overstated. Holistic healing methods like those provided by Kimberly Nelson can help individuals achieve this and, in turn, live more fulfilling lives.

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