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Just a Reminder Not To Do Too Much

Just a Reminder Not To Do Too Much

Yesterday’s practice was awesome.

And I got excited that yesterday’s practice was going to carry over into today

.In all that excitement, I forgot that less is more.

And rather than being satisfied with the box breathing and doing the Mula bandha on the holds during half sun salutations.
I decided to do the Mula bandha lock for the whole practice because imagine how powerful it would be.
I decided yesterday and ignored the early warning signs that it might be past my edge during my evening practice.

So this morning, instead of having a mind-blowing practice, I was treated to disappointment and feelings of a setback as I struggled to even maintain the box breathing for the entire practice.

I felt like a juggler who kept on trying with one ball too many.

When Shavasana came, I was pretty distraught as I viewed the practice as a complete failure and, at the very least, a disappointing setback.

However, as I write this now after some time to process, I realize it wasn’t a failure or a setback—just a reminder not to do too much. An opportunity to notice what happens when I do too much.

And what I noticed is when I do too much, a whole lot less gets done. It begins to become overwhelming, and that leads to nothing getting done.

While my never satisfied mind might be disappointed that the journey can’t be quickened, I appreciate the insight and reminder that I can do less to do more.

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