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John 14:27 Spiritual Insights and Reflections

John 14:27

Bible Verse: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” ~John 14:27

Have you ever wondered how Jesus could have been at peace when his outer world was in such a time of turbulence? Jesus’ peace came not from the outer events of life, but from his free and conscious choice to surrender to the goodness of God. If peace is dependent on outer events, it is – at best – a temporary condition. Today, I live freely in the conscious experience of God by accepting the same peace that Jesus found. I freely surrender all concerns to God and place my trust in the goodness of God. As I move through the events of this day I affirm, “I freely surrender and trust that God is guiding me to greater goodness than I have ever known.

Spiritual Insight shared by Rev Richard Rogers who is a gifted and inspired teacher, coach and minister. Visit RevRichard.com when you are ready to expand your capacity to love and broaden the possibilities of your life.

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