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Everyone wants to know what Bible verses about forgiveness really mean and how we can apply them in our lives. This is a good question because you want to learn something good and not just a bunch of old literature that has no meaning at all in today’s world. I have found that when I read the Bible verses about forgiveness, it helps me focus on things that are important to me. Forgiveness can be a powerful word that can make a difference in your life if you choose to use it wisely.

In order to find out what God has to say about forgiveness, start by getting familiar with His Word. When you go to church, find a group that deals with forgiveness and read through the chapters in the Bible that are about forgiveness. You will find that there are several different verses in there that you can learn from. You may not feel comfortable asking your pastor for advice, but if you ask a Bible study group leader they might be able to tell you some great things about forgiveness. They might even be able to point you in the direction of some great Christian retreats where you can explore the subject further.

When you have had some time to research the word forgiveness, you will realize that the Bible actually uses this word very often. Jesus spoke about forgiving people and He didn’t just mean throwing them out. What he meant was turning the other cheek. What He also meant was allowing the wounds to heal, putting our trust in Him, and trusting in His love. The Bible is full of wonderful teachings and it can help you find out how the power of forgiveness will transform your life.

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