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Floating at True Rest Tue Sep 14 2021

It’s always disappointing whenever I can’t breathe through my nose when I’m floating.

I spent the first part of my float counting my breath and sending healing energy to the woman I was talking to earlier who shared that she was looking for her body to heal.

Earlier in the day, I was listening to Dreaming Through Darkness by Charles Morley, and he was talking about the power that comes when we send healing energy towards other people.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard it, and I’ve done it quite a few times before, but I figured why not try it in a Float.

Of course, I was expecting Jesus-like miracles to occur, but the truth is I will never know if my sending healing energy toward someone else does anything more than making me feel whole and complete just as I am.

As I moved from counting my breath to bringing awareness to the different parts of my body, I found myself dropping into a deep state of healing and relaxation. And then a surge of anxiety brought me back to this reality. That’s what happens when I’m not breathing through my nose because I just stop breathing for a bit at a certain point.

Nevertheless, after a few moments, I was able to drop back into a state of healing and relaxation. When my awareness came to my left leg, I noticed the energy blockage residing there for a while now. I try and make friends with it, but the truth is I just want it to leave, and it’s a struggle to relax with the sensations that rise and fall in that area.

However, slowly but surely, it is releasing. And to be honest, I don’t know what I will do when I no longer have the restricted energy in my left leg to focus on during my floating and meditation time.

In any case, after spending a few moments letting my awareness reside in my left leg, I moved on to the other parts of my body. And then allowed my whole body to rest in that awareness.

Then the music came on, signaling it was time to get out.

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