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Fear Patterns and How to Let Go of Them

Managing fear response

Fear causes people to react in certain patterns. If you are more affected or troubled by your fear responses, you are more likely to allow it to govern how you make decisions and how you respond to different situations in your life. On the other hand, if you are able to approach your fear patterns with a sense of trust, you can perceive it as an opportunity for managing your fear response and, thus, living a healthier, better life.

What Causes Fear Patterns to Form?

Our cells undergo 100,000 chemical reactions each second, regulated and synchronized by the autonomic nervous system. Managing your fear response can simply be done by resetting this electrical flow. When that flow is stuck, your neural system keeps re-enacting that fight-or-flight response. With age, this stress impacts your health, immunity, quality of life, and fear patterns.

Biologically changing your energy pathways can help you experience your emotional responses differently. Creating new energy pathways through neural activation can help you move towards a place of trust, wholeness, vitality, and peace.

How Quantum Physics Comes into Play

Quantum physicists believe that each of us is surrounded by a field of energy known as the Unified Field. This field monitors and responds to the energy impulses we emit from our cells in the form of light. When you have an idea, a thought, or an emotion, your body reacts, your cells undergo chemical reactions and generate energy, which is picked up by the Unified Field.

There are countless possibilities within the Unified Field for you to construct your reality. Logic plays no role in your biological response, i.e., the energy you emit into the Unified Field. Hence, your thoughts do not affect the energy in this field, but your emotions do. This is why controlling your emotional state and managing your fear response are so important.

The Key to Managing Fear Responses

Embracing feelings of hope allows your body to respond energetically. Getting in the habit of reaching for hopeful feelings can move you towards a state of trusting your biology. These can include having hope for a better future, recognizing your control over your decisions, actions, and perceptions, or taking a step to change your fear patterns. 

Similarly, gratitude shifts our biological responses and, consequently, the energy that our cells emit. If you’re afraid of trying anything new, you’ve already built a barrier by activating the biological loop that places you in a fight-or-flight mode, preventing you from leading with confidence and having a great experience.

Focusing on our feelings instead of allowing negative emotions to govern our life can help us break our fear patterns. Managing any fear response requires that you not allow it to take away your ability to make rational decisions, have meaningful conversations, or feel in control of your life.

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