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Cleansing Your Home with Ayurvedic Practices

Cleanse your home

We invest so much time at home that it becomes our haven, complete with all of our personal luxuries and comforts. Natural buildup develops over time, both materially and energetically, affecting the ambiance of the house as well as your mentality. Thus, it becomes necessary to cleanse your home.

What is Meant by Cleansing Your Home?

Although lighting sage may spring to mind, cleansing could be anything you desire, provided it has significance for you. It might be as simple as getting rid of a lot of junk or doing some much-needed thorough cleaning, or it could be more emotional. 

Whatever you choose, the essential thing is to take action with a motive. Any action with a purpose stimulates positive improvements both within and outwardly. You could be startled by what comes to light. Cleansing your house can pave the path for you to acquire awareness, clarity, and perspective in other aspects of life that require it.

Ayurvedic Practices to Cleanse Your Home

According to ayurvedic practices, tamas is negative, dark, lethargic, or heavy energy that makes an area feel thick or stagnant. In contrast, sattva is pure energy, which is what these practices aim to replace tamas with. Here are some common ways you can cleanse your home with ayurvedic practices. 

1. Clear Out the Clutter

Begin by sweeping the area clean. Dust and trash are tamasic in nature, attracting drab, sedentary, and lethargic energy. Cleaning all surfaces, removing cobwebs, and clearing away any waste is an important step in clearing the energy in your home.

2. Let Fresh Air and Daylight In

Most ayurvedic practices center around dispelling negative energy and letting in refreshing energy. Opening up your windows and curtains to let in the fresh air and natural light every morning dispels any coldness, dampness, or darkness in your home. Not only does this uplift your mood and spirit, but it also helps cleanse your home from negative, stale, or stagnant energies.

3. Use Incense and Camphor

Incense burning helps to eliminate heavy energy from a place and cleanse the air element, which has a calming impact on the senses. Organic incense created from mystic plants, woods, and herbs has a wonderful scent that attracts positive energies, promotes a harmonious and serene environment, and nurtures sattva in the psyche. Additionally, you can use essential oils such as jasmine, rose, sandalwood, or lavender to release their natural scents.

Camphor represents a profound bond with the sacred. It provides a sublime and ethereal sense of serenity. When burned or diffused, it is thought to have the ability to reshape your environment by producing healing energies, dissipating heavy energies, and amplifying good ones.

4. Play Sanskrit Mantras

Sanskrit mantra chanting is a strong approach to purify a room’s energy and boost its spiritual energy. These profound and therapeutic sounds affect our state of mind by breaking up sluggish or heavy energy in a setting.

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