Explore the Depths of Tarot through Guided Meditations

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom with The Major Arcana Journey's Guided Meditations!

• Unlock your inner wisdom - Embark on a journey of self-discovery and tap into the rich archetypal energies of The Major Arcana tarot cards through guided meditations and insightful journal prompts.
• Guided Meditations & Journal Prompts - Access 22 unique guided meditations and a carefully crafted eBook with journal prompts for each card, voiced by experienced spiritual guides to deepen your practice.
• Bonus content - Learn about tarot and meditation best practices, deepen your meditation experience, and incorporate your insights into daily life with our bonus materials.

The Program Covers

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

Dive deep into the archetypal energies that shape our lives with 22 guided meditations and journal prompts tailored to each Major Arcana card.

Discover the Meaning of Your Journey

From The Fool's beginnings to The World's fulfillment, this package offers keys to understanding your life's path and experiences.
• Perfect for Everyone - Whether new to tarot or a seasoned practitioner, this collection is designed to inspire personal growth and spiritual development through meditation and journaling.

Explore the Depths of Tarot through Guided Meditations